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"Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man"

What We Believe

Since 2004, Catholic Men Chicago Southland (CMCS) has reminded men and helped them to do what is in their power to do, namely, be holy and courageous men, to improve their marriages, be better fathers to their children, grow in virtue, serve the needs of others more generously, be active participants in their parishes, and be better citizens.


CMCS has a practical way of evangelizing Catholic men young and old, and their families, of helping them to understand what the culture often rejects – how men and women should relate to one another in complementary ways and how important husbands and fathers are to children.


The CMCS Mission: Catholic Men Chicago Southland fosters Catholic Men in personal holiness, to make Jesus Christ the center of our daily lives.  CMCS is a Catholic Apostolate of Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry. Frank J Casella Executive Director.


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Chicago Catholic Men's Resources

An initiative of Catholic Men Chicago Southland (CMCS)

Apostolate of Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry

Annual Men's Forum


Annually on the Saturday after Easer Sunday - A morning to nurture Catholic men on their spiritual journey


CMCSMen Blog


This blog is designed to help nurture spirituality for all Catholic men across the Archdiocese of Chicago. Here you will find encouragement, support, and Catholic information, plus articles by Bishop Perry, as it relates to the CMCS Mission.

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Thank you for your continued prayers and support of Catholic Men Chicago Southland,

An Apostolate of Bishop Joseph Perry, 

Together with you in Christ, we foster Catholic Men.

Bishop Joseph N Perry

Co-Founder and Episcopal Liasion

Frank J Casella

Co-Founder and Executive Director

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